About J.Keller Investments

Historically, real estate is a sound investment – as long as you invest in the right real estate. J. Keller Properties knows the ins and outs of investment property, and we are committed to helping you find the right real estate to invest in.

Maybe you’re looking for a short-term investment and want to ‘flip’ a home. Or perhaps you want to purchase a campus property as a long-term investment. Our insight, experience and market expertise is precisely what you need when you’re looking to buy or sell property. Here is an abbreviated list of what we provide when working with a client to find the perfect investment property:

-Run a complete analysis of the property using our proprietary evaluation tool.
-Provide common metrics such as; Cap Rate; GRM; and Cash on Cash ROI.
-Confirm how much the uncapped tax basis will increase.
-Investigate zoning, occupancy, and use restrictions.
-Permit search- has the property been properly permitted, are essential housing permits in place?
-Analyze deferred maintenance projects and capital improvement projections.

Whether it’s investment or residential property, we take the guesswork out of the process and do all we can to ensure you have the information and analysis you need to make a sound strategic decision.

Income Property Consulting:

Working with another agent but in need of our market experience? We offer full analytics on potential investment properties starting at $1,500 per analysis. This strategic analysis includes the above mentioned proprietary analytics, consultation, and up to 5 hours of total time investment. Use the contact us form below to reach our experienced team of Realtors and Property Managers.

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